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“We have travelled and photographed, but we have always been affected by the beauty of two people joining on the day of their marriage.”

The wedding photographer for your wedding

Photo Studio Photò was founded in 2005 by members Antonio Palermo and Luciano Di Lascio.

The Studio is located in the center of Battipaglia in the province of Salerno and operates throughout the country. We work in a team and are surrounded by a rich team of photographers, videographers and designers.

We use the best professional digital equipments to ensure the best service, in anyplace and in any light condition. We have over 15 years of experience in the wedding business and we are constantly looking for new ideas and creative stimuli that aim to satisfy more and more our customers.

Take a look at the site! Watch the photos and videos, contact us for any questions and remember that every unexpectedly captured moment ,makes your marriage original and gives us enthusiasm in our work!

Choosing a wedding photographer for the wedding photo shoot is essential in organizing the wedding reception. The wedding photos, together with the wedding video, represent the most vivid memory of such an important day. This is why it is important to choose a professional who is able to satisfy the requests of the married couple.

Whoever finds a good wedding photographer finds a treasure

The choice of the wedding photographer is so important, that we feel we can say that whoever finds a good photographer will find a treasure. Of inestimable value, because there is nothing worse than finding yourself with a wedding photo shoot or a wedding video that doesn’t live up to your expectations. The wedding photographer must be like a friend, able to advise before, during and after the wedding itself.

This can only happen if the photographer’s choice is made consciously. To choose the wedding photographer, in fact, you need to look around. Studying wedding photo shoots, photographic styles. Do you prefer a wedding photo report, or a posed wedding photograph? In the first case, probably, we will have to prefer a wedding photojournalist while in the second a wedding photographer.

The choice of the wedding album

The wedding photo shoot, however, does not end with the choice of the photographer. Choosing a wedding album is another of those decisions that will lead to complete satisfaction. Because, after all, the wedding photographs as well as the album itself are something that bring to mind ancient traditions. Traditions that seem immune to the effect of digitization. The wedding album must be able to be touched, browsed. If possible, even smelled, so as to recall the sweet memory of a very special day.

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