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The wedding photographer in Sorrento feels right at home. In this beloved city for lovers, there is an abundance of choices among the countless picturesque views that the most famous town on the Sorrento Peninsula has to offer. Why not retrace the footsteps of Sofia Loren in the quaint fishing village of Marina Grande, where the actress starred in “Pane, Amore e…”? Or, simply capture a stroll of the newlyweds along the bustling alleys of this extraordinary town? And, last but not least, why not “settle” for the magnificent view of the Sorrento Coast?

Sorrento has always been regarded as a city for lovers, celebrated by singers and composers alike. Founded by the Greeks, it was engaged in a long-lasting struggle with Amalfi and Salerno, until it was plundered by the Turks. Clinging to the coast, it offers evocative views that allow the wedding photographer in Sorrento a wide range of poses. Piazza Tasso in Sorrento, the city’s central square, provides a spectacular view of a tuffaceous gorge.

Margaret and Sean

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