Otium Mare Felix Paestum


With Cilento in their hearts Paolo & Annalisa

In the enchanting heart of Cilento, Paolo and Annalisa scripted the most beautiful chapter of their love story in a dreamy wedding. The day began with Annalisa’s preparations, overlooking the picturesque view of Agropoli, creating a fairy-tale setting. Aboard a fabulous Alfa Romeo Spider, elegantly driven by her father, Annalisa traversed romantic roads, while Paolo awaited her with bated breath.

The civil ceremony at the Agropoli City Hall was touching, followed by a romantic stroll in Santa Maria di Castellabate, Paolo’s hometown, capturing their happiness in unforgettable snapshots.

Guests eagerly anticipated the festivities at Otium Mare Felix in Paestum, where wedding planner Jole Criscitiello showcased her talent in overcoming meteorological challenges. The dinner was a culinary delight, and despite the weather’s unpredictability, the perfectly arranged venue ensured an unforgettable experience. Toasts, dances, and laughter filled the air, making the day even more special.

The cake cutting on the beach at sunset was a magical moment, adding a touch of poetry to their love story. The evening concluded with a party that provided everyone with memories of joy and happiness, sealing Paolo and Annalisa’s marriage as an unforgettable celebration in the heart of Cilento.