Wedding photographer in Agropoli

The wedding photography service in the ancient seaside city

The wedding photographer in Agropoli has an immense choice of views, monuments, and characteristic corners that the scenery offers. The castle, standing on the promontory, almost blending in with the old town; the entrance gate to the historic center, which every summer sees thousands of tourists fascinated by the fantastic view from above.

The history of Agropoli has often intertwined with that of nearby Paestum and the entire Cilento area. Since ancient Greece, Agropoli was probably a port for the neighboring Greek city. It was fiercely contested by the populations of the time, who also built fortifications to launch their attacks. During the Middle Ages, it came under the control of the Church. It subsequently passed into the possession of different noble families before becoming part of the Kingdom of Italy. The long history of Agropoli is evidenced by its rich architectural presence, such as the Castle of Agropoli. A characteristic feature of the old town is the staircase that leads to the historic center of Agropoli, which requires passing under a fortified gate. From here, you can enjoy a breathtaking view of the city’s gulf.

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