Palazzo Belmonte

matrimonio-palazzo-belmonte-santa-maria -castellabate

In the heart of the enchanting scenery of Cilento, amidst the gentle song of the sea and the grandeur of ancient palaces, Melanie and Madison, an American couple, celebrated their unforgettable “I do” in this enchanted land.

Madison spent the hours leading up to the big moment in the charming rooms of Palazzo Belmonte, surrounded by the affection and encouragement of his beloved family. Meanwhile, Melanie chose the residence of Casino di Mare in Santa Maria di Castellabate as a refuge for preparations, sharing joy and excitement with her exuberant sisters and the rest of the family.

The excitement reached its peak when Melanie, aboard a white Fiat 500, traversed the picturesque Italian streets to reach the splendid courtyard of the renowned Palazzo Belmonte, where the wedding ceremony took place. Every moment was immortalized by unique and unrepeatable photos, capturing the magic of that special moment.

After the ceremony, the newlyweds and guests enjoyed a stroll through the historic center for unforgettable shots at the Torre Perrotti, followed by a relaxing aperitif with strictly Italian beer, together admiring the sunset over the sea.

Dinner was a culinary experience like no other, with a lawn set up overlooking the sea, enriched by touching speeches and amusing jokes. The evening continued with an energetic party, filled with music and dancing that made everyone’s heart beat until late into the night.