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A wedding photography service in the most enchanting place on the Amalfi Coast

The wedding photographer in Ravello always runs a very high risk. The risk of getting captivated by the beauty of an enchanting place in the heart of the Amalfi Coast. Indeed, there are many wonders to be encountered in this corner of paradise. The magical views, the breathtaking panoramas overlooking one of Italy’s most beautiful coastlines will be the perfect backdrop for the wedding photography service.

There are numerous monuments that can enrich the wedding ceremony in Ravello. From the historic Duomo, built in the 11th century, to the numerous churches scattered throughout the area. And how could one forget Palazzo Rufolo, which, with its gardens, has enchanted tourists from all over the world for decades? Once owned by the most powerful family in Ravello, the Rufolos, Villa Rufolo offers a fairytale setting. Especially noteworthy is the terrace with its colorful gardens. Perched on a cliff overlooking the sea, it provides a magnificent backdrop of the Gulf of Salerno, making the wedding service truly magical.

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