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Pearl of the Amalfi Coast, Positano offers countless stunning glimpses for your wedding service

Along the stairs that cross the village, the wedding photographer in Positano can tell the meaning of life together. A climb in two, sometimes hindered by obstacles, ready to support each other in moments of difficulty. But the stairs are not the only enchanted spot in Positano. At the Great beach and Fornillo beach you can take wonderful photographs of the bride and groom, with the village on the background. The photographic service in Positano, with these glimpses, will delight the bride and whoever will see the wedding service.

An holiday place since the Roman era, Positano is geographically part of the Amalfi Coast. His name, according to the legend, is due to a miracle: the sailor men of a sailing ship carrying the picture of a Madonna, unable to take the sea due to the opposite wind, heard coming from the painting the words “posa, posa” (“Lay, lay” in English) that is, the anchor. A sign that perhaps saved the life of the sailors.

Certainly, Positano was devastated by the Saracens and, for this reason, numerous sighting towers were built. Because of these invasions, the fractions of Nocelle and Montepertuso were created, set up to escape the attacks.

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