How many times when we were small, did we insert our parents’ wedding video cassette into the old video recorder? This was enough to bring back time in a few moments and live those past emotions. Marriage videos always have this effect and, it is not uncommon, that sometimes they make even a few tears fall on the face of the beholder. The reason is simple: a good wedding videomaker condenses in a few minutes all the emotions of a day full of joy. When he succeeds, however, the result is visible on the spectator’s face.

Torre la Cerniola – Amalfi Coast

Giampaolo & Annamaria

Borgo Stomenanno – Tuscany

John & Fiona

Villa Andrea – Pastum

Giuseppe & Laura


Massimo & Katy

Villa Carafa, Vomero

Paolo & Tania

Tenuta Tana di Volpe, Paestum

Alessandro & Annarita

Le Trabe – South Italy

Daniele & Nicolina

Tenuta Porta di Ferro – South Italy

Roberto & Rosaria

Hotel Royal – Paestum

Marco & Mariagiovanna

Villa Cimbrone, Ravello – South Italy

Mirko & Carmen

Oleandri Resort – Paestum

Vincenzo & Francesca

Savoy Beach Hotel – Paestum

Paolo & Alessandra

Torre Perrotti  – Castellabate

Kàri & Sif

Hotel Royal Sorrento – South Italy

Tom & Kate

Paestum – South Italy

Pasquale & Barbara

Vineyard Taurasi – South Italy

Giacinto & Lucia

Wedding Film, Coté D’Azur, Nice – France

Nathan & Laura

Wedding Film, Villa Eva, Ravello – Amalfi Coast South Italy

Frederik & Maria

Wedding Film, 6 Settembre 2017,  Villa Cimbrone, Ravello – Amalfi Coast South Italy

Nikola & Danielle

Wedding Film, 17 Ottobre 2015, Positano – Amalfi Coast South Italy

Lauren & Mo

Wedding Film, 24 June 2016, Grand Hotel Convento, Amalfi Coast South Italy

Karen & Anthony

Wedding Film, Erchie – Amalfi Coast South Italy

Nino & Teresa

Wedding Film, Tana di Volpe- Cilento Coast South Italy

Tony & Ilaria

Wedding Film, Villa Magia, Positano – Amalfi Coast South Italy

Jeremy & Holly

Wedding Film, Il Pilaccio nel Cilento, Cilento Coast South Italy

Aidan & Martina

Video wedding: the art of emotions

The wedding video, together with the wedding album, perfectly embodies the emotions of a marriage. The magical moments of the formulas, the exchange of the rings, the exit from the Church. And then the wedding reception, with the cutting of the cake. And if the photo shoot stops these moments forever, the wedding video will take you back to the center of those unforgettable moments.

How the wedding video is made

A good video marriage usually does not last too long. Very often, in fact, the wedding video is shown to friends and relatives. Too long wedding videos can be boring and, in the long run, get tired. The standard of wedding films currently stands at around 20 minutes. However, compared to the past, image quality has improved significantly. Today, in fact, cameras (in our case mirrorless full frame) and photographic optics are used, which return images in 4k, which can also be reproduced on the latest television models on the market. The use of this equipment, together with steady-cams, drones and much more, allow you to get a final result of cinematic quality.

Editing of marriage videos

Together with the professional equipment, what makes the wedding videos truly unforgettable is video editing. Photò Studio Fotografico, for this purpose, tries to create linear wedding videos, which also contain a lot of original audio. This allows you to project, even years later, the viewer at the center of the scene. At the same time, careful research of the soundtrack is also conducted, so as to create a perfect mix. This also ensures that every wedding video is one of a kind.