Wedding on boat, Capri

Our newly weds live in Dubai with their two children. they decided to celebrate their wedding on a boat along the Amalfi coast. Antonio and Laura with their guests left the port of Salerno and headed towards the wonderful island of Capri.

During the journey after having lunch, they went down to Positano leaving the guests to celebrate and enjoy the spectacle of the wonderful coast. Returning, they danced and had fun arriving near the ‘Faragloni’ where they celebrated the marriage ceremony which ended with a walk around too.

Boat wedding, Capri

Celebrating a wedding on a boat is the dream of many couples, especially if the sea and the landscape are those of Capri and the Amalfi Coast. From the prestigious Dubai to the marvelous Amalfi Coast it is a long, exciting journey that the married couple, Antonio and Laura, wanted to make to crown their dream of love. What better way would there have been for two great sea lovers than to celebrate the wedding on a boat, in Capri, in front of the majestic Faraglioni.

Together with their two children, family members and closest friends, the future spouses left from the port of Salerno on board a boat that reached the island of Capri, giving all the participants the opportunity to admire the breathtaking landscape of the villages of the Amalfi coast.

Lunch was served on board the boat, during the journey, to allow the newlyweds to go down to Positano, leaving the guests the opportunity to continue the celebrations on board from the boat.

When the couple returned to the boat, the dancing and entertainment began until they got close to the Faraglioni where the wedding on a boat in Capri was celebrated. The dream of love ended with a tour around the Faraglioni.

How to get married on a boat?

Unlike what happened in the past, young couples of future spouses are much more inclined to organize an unconventional wedding, a little outside the box, both in terms of the choice of outfits or wedding favors and in terms of location. One of the most popular choices is certainly a marriage on a boat, surrounded by the blue sea and the sparkling atmosphere. For those who are thinking of getting married on a boat it is important to reiterate that there are requirements to keep in mind.

According to the provisions of Italian law, it is essential to clarify that the celebration in question does not have legal validity. But this doesn’t necessarily mean giving up on the dream of getting married at sea. First of all, the marriage could be celebrated in civil or religious form in the presence of a few close friends or only family members and witnesses, to certify the legal value of the union, and only later organize a symbolic ceremony at sea with friends, music and fun.

On the contrary, in order not to distinguish the wedding in two completely different moments, one could choose to celebrate it in international waters since in some countries it has legal validity or choose a foreign cruise ship. Beyond what may be bureaucratic quibbles, the dream of getting married on a ship can be made concrete and real in all respects.

How much does it cost to get married on a boat?

Several factors contribute to the cost of a wedding on a boat which we could identify, to simplify, as:

  • Preferred vessel type
  • Season of the year
  • Time of day between morning and afternoon
  • Total number of guests

It is usually necessary to move well in advance to rent the boat that will allow the bride and groom to celebrate their wedding on the boat. First of all, it is necessary to contact one or more boat rental companies to request a quote considering that the presence and assistance of the crew is usually included in the price.

If a wedding on a sailing boat assumes a reception with a smaller number of guests, a yacht on the contrary allows you to invite a greater number of people given the presence of space and comfort, although the rental price will be much higher .

A very important thing that affects the price to get married on a boat is the route that you will have to travel during the wedding celebration and reception, unless you decide to stay still for the entire time docked at the port. Usually navigation, also based on where you want to go, includes a price increase.

Sail wedding on the Amalfi Coast

The sail wedding on the Amalfi Coast is a constantly growing trend for both Italian and foreign married couples, who are also willing to move thousands of kilometers from their country of origin to realize the dream of getting married on a boat embraced and welcomed by one of the most beautiful maritime landscapes in the world.

Organizing a wedding on a boat in Positano, for example, is increasingly requested by foreign married couples who greatly appreciate the Italian landscape and natural beauty.

A wedding must always be organized down to the smallest detail, and even more so a wedding on a boat must be prepared with the utmost care, perhaps relying on a wedding planner who is already an expert in weddings on yachts or in any case at sea.

The sailing wedding gives newlyweds and guests unique sensations for all that the sea can give in terms of magical atmospheres and a feeling of freedom and serenity.

Useful tips for a special wedding on a yacht

Below you will find some useful tips for getting married on a ship.

  1. The choice of the boat: it certainly depends on how many guests you expect to attend the event. The greater the number of people, the larger the chosen boat must be.
  2. Establish an available budget: each event must have a budget spending that will guide the possibility of enriching the wedding on a boat with details and initiatives for newlyweds and guests.
  3. Move in advance: times are of fundamental importance for a wedding on a yacht or in any case on a boat. This is because the boat that would suit the couple may have already been chosen and optioned by another married couple with the same needs.
  4. The weather: the weather component is very important in this case. Better to prefer a summer date!
  5. The timetables: planning a wedding on a boat in times with too much or too little light could blur the possibility of capturing those vibrant colors in photos and videos that only a sunset over the sea can offer.