Wedding day at Grand Hotel Convento di Amalfi, Amalfi Coast

Anthony and Karen have decided to entrust Lisa Stack to “AMORE WEDDING LIMITED” to realize their dream, that is to celebrate and start a new life together, immersed in the living colors of our land, the gardens and the immense terraces that live immersed in the sea inebriated by the scents of the Amalfi Coast. For decades, the agency has collaborated with Photo Studio Photò staff, sure of the success of the service and their professionalism to have a living and special memory of that day. Anthony and Karen arrived to the land of the sun, sea and pizza stay at the GRAND HOTEL CONVENTO DI AMALFI. Once a convent of the Cappuccini monks, it is one of the symbols of the coast where it is possible to immerse yourself in the spiritual atmosphere of the cloister. The hotel also includes a Catholic church, inside of which our spouses consecrate their love in the utmost intimacy and emotion. Outside, a quadrilateral courtyard that develops frontally to the entrance of the church overlooks the sea, creating a nicely but wonderful contrast between the white of the walls and the blue of the sky and the sea that merge. Value added is not only architectural but also landscaping, especially thanks to spectacular views of Amalfi and the entire Cost. Here the historic soul of the Convent is breathed in all its unique essence. The intimate and simple ceremony, like the two spouses, takes place entirely within this convent between maximum romance and complicity.