Palazzo Belmonte, Cilento Coast

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wedding-photographer-italy-matrimonio-castello-agrpoli-fotografo -matrimonio-italia-wedding-photographer-amalfi-coast-fotografo-matrimonio-campania-migliore-fotografo-italia-wedding-destinations-italy- wedding-photography-italy

Getting married in Castellabate, in the Cilento region, can be the dream of many couples, not only Italians. The story of Sharon and Stephen is romantic and unique, filled with chance encounters and a strong desire to fulfill their love dream in Italy.

Castellabate was the chosen wedding location in Cilento for the couple of Irish origin. Sharon and Stephen work in Dubai and decided to fly to Italy to get married in Castellabate, in the Cilento region.


Wedding in Castellabate

Castellabate has always been one of the most beautiful villages in Italy, located in the Cilento coast region of Campania. Thanks to the film “Welcome to the South,” the town has gained even more fame throughout Italy. The enchantment of the village, with its distinctive features, combined with its environmental and scenic charm, creates a perfect combination that attracts thousands of couples who wish to celebrate their wedding in Castellabate every year.


Getting married in Castellabate means choosing a natural stage made up of narrow streets, alleyways, sea, and breathtaking views that can frame the most important moments of the celebration in the best possible way. The village of Castellabate overlooks the Gulf of Salerno and the islands of Capri and Ischia, making it a dream destination for the most romantic couples.


Whether it’s a civil or religious wedding, any wedding in Castellabate can be an itinerary to be built together with the guests, moving from seaside settings to hilly ones, from the bays below Santa Maria and San Marco di Castellabate to the most popular tourist villages such as San Marco, Santa Maria, Ogliastro, and Punta Licosa.


A wedding in Castellabate allows you to involve your guests in an original atmosphere filled with history and legend. The myth of the Siren Leucosia, which probably gave its name to the island of Licosa, is located right in the natural site of Castellabate, with its dangerous shallows and crystal-clear seabeds.


Civil Wedding at Palazzo Belmonte in Castellabate

Upon request, Palazzo Belmonte can also be used as a venue for civil weddings in Castellabate. The structure is located in the municipality of Castellabate, where the beautiful eighteenth-century residence of the Prince of Belmonte once stood. It is a stunning property perfect for relaxing vacations and an excellent location for important events, weddings, and receptions.

A civil wedding at Palazzo Belmonte is a charming residence where you can spend romantic vacations filled with relaxation, but it is also the ideal place to host weddings, parties, and receptions. All of this can take place both in the indoor halls and in the spacious and enchanting outdoor spaces: the courtyard, the park with centuries-old trees, the terraces with views of Capri and the Amalfi Coast, and the panoramic gazebo.

Just 5 km away from Palazzo Belmonte, nestled in a context of great value and natural beauty, you will find Punta Licosa Estate, a Marine Park and Nature Reserve, with an 800-hectare park of Mediterranean vegetation, Aleppo pines, centuries-old olive trees, carob trees, myrtle, and fragrant broom.


Wedding at Palazzo Belmonte in Castellabate

Getting married at Palazzo Belmonte in Castellabate is like choosing a terrestrial paradise in the heart of the Cilento Coast. It is a charming place with a beautiful view of the sea. A young Irish couple, Sharon and Stephen, who live in Dubai, chose this location for their wedding. The ceremony took place at the “Santa Maria a Mare” church, and immediately after, all the guests gathered near the church for a cocktail while the newlyweds took a stroll through the village of Castellabate.

The celebrations were beautiful, at sunset, along the waterfront of Castellabate. The dinner, filled with emotions and laughter, was served in the wonderful garden by the sea at Palazzo Belmonte. After dinner, the evening turned into a fantastic party with 80s music.