Wedding day at Crypt of Salerno Duomo, Salerno

Wedding in Salerno Photò Studio Fotografico Battipaglia (Salerno)

Salerno is a marvelous city full of colors and traditions, but in the Christmas season it gains more beauty, every alley, every square is illuminated by the now famous ARTIST LIGHTS that have contributed even more to make magic this day, between thousands of colors and shades. The wedding promise took place in the wonderful CRYPT OF SALERNO DUOMO, the most sacred place in the city, the aura atmosphere prevails and increased the sacredness of the moment, generating wonder and amazement. After the rite, the spouses walked through the quaint streets of the city and reached the brand new “MARITIME STATION” which has allowed the staff to get marvelous contrasts, vibrant and beautiful colors, an almost springtime atmosphere, capturing and immortalizing the complicity and happiness of the bride and groom with discretion and elegance. In every detail of the wedding you could read the elegance and simplicity of the bride and groom who chose for the reception the GRAND HOTEL SALERNO, from whose terrace you can admire the entire Salerno coast.