Wedding day at Nettuno Restaurant, Paestum

Wedding day in Paestum Nettuno Templi Photò Studio Fotografico Battipaglia (Salerno)

Ciro and Antonia, although living in Modena, have decided to marry in their land. Ciro was born in Giffoni, a city known worldwide for the “GFF” cultural, art, music and movie Festival, while Antonia has always been in love with Paestum, for its romantic aura and for its story.

They chose Paestum as the soul of their marriage, starting with the religious rite that took place in the PALEOCRISTIAN PAESTUM BASILICA, with strong smiles, tears and emotions. The spouses then, for the pictures, choose to go to the archaeological site, using the millennial temples of Hera, Atena and Neptune as background with their stunning images and incredible colors. Immersed in a harmonious and complicit atmosphere, the magic manifests itself in the moment when the party begins in the garden of the Neptune restaurant in Paestum with elegant gazebos, small and simple details that made this unique event that had as its background the beauty and the elegance of the temples.