Wedding day at Hotel Garden Riviera, Castellabate

Wedding in Castellabate Cilento Grand Hotel Riviera Photò Studio Fotografico Battipaglia (Salerno)

AMORE WEDDING LIMITED and Photo Studio Photò is a perfect combination. Joe and Donna have stayed in the rooms of the “GARDEN RIVIERA“, where hours before their big day, begin their preparations between toasts and celebrations. Joe is flanked and supported by his best man, while Donna is surrounded by the affection of her family and her bridesmaids. The civil ceremony takes place outdoors in the hotel’s garden, where the typical flowers and colors of the Cilento Coast have framed their dream of love. The spouses after the rite went to the beaches of Santa Maria di Castellabate, where the Cilento coast provides wonderful and uncontaminated views. All the wedding was fun, cheerful and carefree. accompanied by traditional Neapolitan music to get closer to our culture. Guitars and mandolins have allowed the guests to spin in folk dance. The cutting of the cake, which occurred at sunset, allowed the staff to create and capture suggestive images.