Rossella and Antonio are a young couple from Battipaglia. They decided to get married in the summer, taking advantage of the heat and long days. Their idea of ​​marriage was in fact that of a ceremony and refreshments in joy, which reflected their sparkling character. When Rossella welcomed us into the house for the first photographs she was splendid in her Gaudiosi Sposa dress, certainly a little tense, but soon we broke the ice and it was nice to make her smile before she got into the car to reach the Paleochristian Basilica of Paestum . We do not hide the fact that watching it progress towards Antonio has thrilled us. The yes, then, was a blaze, acclaimed with a triumphal applause of relatives and friends. Once they have arrived in the garden of Villa Le Ginestre, they are completely unleashed and left overwhelmed by the popular music of Le Sette Bocche of Pontecagnano Faiano. The dances alternated with the courses of ASC Catering, with more intimate moments dedicated to the parking of the Arechi Group. Everything was taken care of down to the smallest detail, the Betty Sessa Wedding Planner did not leave anything to chance.