Oleandri Resort, Paestum

Andrea and Cristina are a truly special couple. Their day always begins with a smile, thanks to an unusual companion: Peppe, a tender plush toy. Peppe accompanies them wherever they go, turning every moment into a unique experience.


On their wedding day, Peppe is there, at the center of it all, like a silent witness to their love. With Peppe by their side, Andrea and Cristina face their most important day with joy and serenity. The church ceremony is touching, and their love radiates happiness.


After the celebration, everyone heads to the Oleandri Resort, a splendid location near the picturesque archaeological site of Paestum. The atmosphere is magical, and Andrea and Cristina’s smiles are brighter than ever. Guests dance and laugh, while Andrea and Cristina get lost in each other’s gaze. The day turns into a long evening of celebration, with the sun transforming into a starry sky, decorating their new adventure together.


Andrea and Cristina have danced, laughed, and created indelible memories, marking this important milestone of their life with happiness and contagious joy. The story of Andrea, Cristina, and Peppe is a testimony to how genuine love can radiate happiness in every moment of life.