Macchiaroli Castle

Nello and Alessandra have united their lives in a dream wedding that seamlessly combined tradition and magic. The ceremony took place in a picturesque church, where the couple exchanged vows of eternal love in front of moved family and friends.

Following the touching religious ceremony, guests were transported to the Macchiarioli Castle in Teggiano, a charming location that created a fairy-tale atmosphere for the reception. Lunch among the castle’s ancient rooms added an element of elegance and intimacy to the special day.

Live music entertained the guests, making the event even more magical. Sweet melodies accompanied the banquet, creating a perfect soundtrack for the love that filled the air.

The pinnacle of the celebration was the cake cutting in the castle’s courtyard. Nello and Alessandra shared a moment of joy and sweetness, symbolizing the beginning of their journey as husband and wife.

Nello and Alessandra’s wedding was an ode to love, tradition, and beauty, a day that will remain etched in the hearts of all who were fortunate to be a part of it. An unforgettable wedding in an enchanting location.