Wedding day at Grand Hotel Vesuvio, Sorrento

Wedding in Sorrento Villa Fondi Costiera Mr.Raf Photò Studio Fotografico Battipaglia (SA)

Among all the wonders of the world, this couple chose to unite their lives, with the vibrant colors and fragrances of the coast: SORRENTO, an enchanted land between the two coasts, the south, Amalfi, overlooking the Gulf of Salerno, and the northern one, Sorrento overlooking the wonderful Gulf of Naples. With Lisa Stack’s “AMORE WEDDING LIMITED” support, with which Photo Studio Photò has been working for over ten years, it was possible to crown this dream. In the Rooms of the “GRAND HOTEL VESUVIO SORRENTO” Elizabeth begins her preparations, wearing a wonderful dress that enhances her beauty even more, leaving Gerard breathless in seeing her arrive in the garden of “Villa Fondi”, a splendid location overlooking the sea , where the civil ceremony was celebrated by Raffaele Dipino. The vibrant colors and breathtaking scenery of the famous panoramic terrace of Sorrento have allowed the staff to capture suggestive and emotional images. The wishes of the bride and groom who had come here from Australia were to make photos of the background of the sleeping volcano Vesuvius and the mix of islands that are clear on haze-free days. The Neapolitan wonders hit the eyes and the hearts of those who observe them.