Wedding day at Mec Paestum Hotel, Cilento Coast

They say that marriage reflects the souls of the bride and groom, and this was a completely ROCK wedding.

Annalisa was wearing a simple white dress that respected the tradition, but revealing her tattoos. What distinguished her and made her distinctive, different from the other brides was the hair ..Light Blue, thanks to the skill of Hair Salon “DIAMOCI DELLE ARIE“.
Luca and Annalisa have joined their lives in the beautiful and characteristic church of Campagna.
After the ritual, at the exit, there was a flood! .. But as they say in Italy: Wet bride, lucky bride!
Both the spouses and the staff weren’t intimidated by that, and after a few clicks they went on board an hippie Volkswagen, heading to the sanctuary of Our Lady of Avigliano where, among the warm autumn colors, the staff was able to grasp the understanding and the love between the two spouses.
The wedding party took place at the “MEC PAESTUM HOTEL“, where the guests enjoyed themselves with the Polaroid service offered by Photò Studio and they started dancing and singing with the rock spirit thanks to the music of the band “STRAGATTI“.