Getting married in Italy: everything you need to know


More and more International couples decide to celebrate their wedding in Italy. A choice dictated by the countless historical sites and suggestive landscapes that Italy offers, which make it one of the most popular destinations for getting married. However, organizing weddings in Italy from abroad can be a real challenge: the difficulties we face are innumerable and, in general, careful organization is required. To help you in this choice, therefore, we have created a real guide, with useful tips on what to do to get married in Italy.

Wedding in Italy: how to organize yourself better

Organizing a wedding in Italy, as mentioned, may not be easy. If it takes months, if not years, to organize the wedding in the country of residence, it becomes even more difficult to plan the wedding from another country. This, however, should not discourage us because it is sufficient to proceed in steps.

A Wedding planner for foreign weddings in Italy: is it necessary to have one?

Let’s start with a question that the couple often ask themselves: to organize a perfect

Destination Wedding in Italy, should you rely on the services of a wedding planner? Of course, the contribution of a professional can be useful, especially if living in Italy and if a mother-tongue citizen. This is because a local person knows the suppliers and the territory better. In this sense, the wedding planner can also help you in the search for the wedding location and in the selection of suppliers, organizing every aspect of the wedding in the best way.

To choose the wedding planner, check out on online , both on the web and on the social networks of each professional. Study carefully the weddings previously organized, so as to have a rough idea of the work. If they pass the first selection phase, do not be afraid to ask for a telephone appointment: a good wedding planner will be able to get in touch with you, possibly also via video call, and will be able to give you all the necessary information, also in English. Please take note that the English language must be of high standard.

Choose the wedding location in Italy

Wedding planner or not, the first step of planning, without a doubt, concerns the choice of the location where to celebrate the wedding. If you have been to Italy at least once in your life, you will know that this area is rich in history, traditions and charm. For example, Campania: one of the most coveted territories for the celebration of foreign weddings in Italy: full of flat and hilly areas where nature is lush and, at the same time, kilometers of characteristic coasts, such as those of the Amalfi Coast. In this region, in addition, there are some of the most suggestive wedding locations in Italy, such as private villas or luxury hotels.

How to choose the right place? Start with simple online searches. In addition to the websites of each structure, try to take a look also on their social channels. Often, you can also find non-professional photographs through which you can see the structure from other angles. Do not neglect the websites specialized in weddings, from which you can get more information on the location where you want to celebrate your wedding. Finally, contact the facility managers via email and ask them for useful information and a cost estimate. They will certainly be happy to answer you, happy to have reached an international clientele too.

Choosing wedding suppliers in Italy: how to do it?

Having chosen the wedding planner and identified the location, it is necessary to dedicate oneself to the service providers for the wedding that, even in the case of a destination wedding in Italy, is better to be Italian. This is because a better knowledge of the area, the availability of more resources at hand, will allow them to do their job better. Otherwise, a foreign supplier may experience greater difficulties, at the expense of the final quality of the service. Again, therefore, carry out online searches to check which suppliers are near the wedding location. Alternatively, if you have fallen in love with the service of a particular supplier far from the location, you will have to decide with them how to meet. Again, however, suppliers will be happy to find an agreement with you.

What is the best strategy for selecting your suppliers? If you have chosen to use a wedding planner, then, they will propose you a shortlist of candidates for each single service. Otherwise, it’s up to you to search yourself . The web, once again, is the best resource for starting this job. Not only the websites of individual suppliers, but above all their social channels. Because? It is on them that suppliers publish the result of their services most often: in a short time, you will be able to get a rough idea. For example, in choosing the wedding photographer, focus on his photographic style by looking at the photographs he publishes in his portfolio and on his Facebook page. A good photographer is the one who knows how to capture the spontaneity and emotions of the moment in a suggestive shot, to make you relive the same emotions of that day, even after years. If you wish, check if they can make a drone wedding video too. With it, in fact, you can certainly relive, whenever you want, the emotions of your wedding in Italy.

In any case, keep in mind that for the final choice of the location and suppliers it is necessary, in the months preceding the wedding date, to provide for a short stay lasting between 5 and 7 days. In this way you can view live the location of the your wedding in Italy and meet all suppliers, such as catering, the florist and wedding photographer. If you have entrusted yourself to a wedding planner, remember that it could help you organize your trip, both transport and accommodation and for appointments with suppliers that you have previously indicated to them. Otherwise, you will have to organize the trip and appointments yourself. Try not to concentrate too many appointments per day and, in fact, rely on a spread sheet, which will allow you to keep an eye on the list of appointments. Do not neglect the mode of transport either: decide whether to rely on public transport, and possibly book those available, or whether to rent a car, so that you can move independently.

Documents for getting married in Italy: what are the essential ones?

Instead, as regards documents for foreigners to get married in Italy, which ones are indispensable? Certainly the passport, the authorization issued by the competent authorities of the country of origin and a residence permit or card that certifies the regularity of your stay in Italy. Having this type of documents is necessary to get married in Italy and ensure that marriage is recognized as such even in your country of origin.

In particular, you must pay attention to the correct drafting of the authorization for the wedding, as this document will make the marriage valid, both in Italy and in your country of origin. This document, in fact, declares the absence of legislative matrimonial impediments and allows the regular conduct of the wedding ceremony. Remember, however, to have the document translated and to have it legalized at the Legalization Office of the Prefecture of your municipality of residence, before presenting it to the Italian authorities: only in this way, in fact, will the legalization of your marriage be possible. Please check your Government website for full details.

Marriage in Italy for foreigners: how to prepare for the ceremony

Once you have completed and legalized the documents needed to get married in Italy, you will then have to think about the actual wedding ceremony, setting a specific date. In this regard, many foreign people wonder whether or not it is possible to celebrate a civil ceremony in Italy, despite the fact that it is a religious country. In reality, civil rites in Italy are provided, just like religious ones: simply contact the agency of jurisdiction and establish the date of your wedding in Italy.

However, you must inquire about the celebration of the civil ceremony, in case you want to celebrate it inside the chosen location or outdoors, such as on the beach or in public gardens. In the latter case, in fact, authorization is required from the municipality, so that the proper conduct of the civil ceremony is ensured. So, if the location chosen for your ritual has the necessary authorization, you just have to plan the wedding ceremony and start writing yourDeclaration.

List of guests: how many people will attend your wedding in Italy?

We have reached a crucial point in organizing the wedding in Italy. In fact, it is essential to draw up a detailed and definitive list of the people who will take part in your wedding. Moreover, when you talk to the owners of the wedding locations, this will be one of the first things they will ask you. Therefore, it is necessary to communicate in advance how many guests will be at the ceremony, and the wedding reception.

So, ask your relatives and friends if they intend to participate in your Italian wedding,. In this way, in fact, you will show that you have their presence at heart and that you can not wait to share with them the emotions and the most beautiful moments of your most important day.

Bridal gowns and mise en beauté for the newlyweds: how to get better organized to get married in Italy

Wedding Porta di Ferro

Finally, another crucial point of organizing a wedding in Italy for foreigners is precisely the mise en beauté, that is, everything that concerns the appearance of the bride and groom. We proceed, however, step by step. First you need to think – in case you don’t have it done – when buying the bride and groom’s dress. For a wedding in Italy, you will have several choices at your disposal, which will allow you to select the wedding dresses that are right for you. You can, in fact, decide whether to buy wedding dresses in your home country, perhaps by contacting your trusted atelier or tailoring laboratory and bringing them with you when you leave for your Italian wedding.

Carrying a wedding dress, however, can be difficult. So, if you choose to buy the wedding dress in Italy, you can begin to search online for Italian ateliers or stylists, since only in this way can you get a precise idea of the dress model you like best. Once you understand what the atelier can do for you, you just have to get in touch with him and ask to make an appointment – or even more than one – to try on different clothes and receive personalized advice. A tip, however, is to explain the situation to them and to agree well in advance any changes and tailoring work to be done, to make the dress really perfect.

And what about appointments with beauty consultants, such as hairdressers, make-up artists and beauticians? What is the right strategy to meet your needs, even if you get married thousands of miles from your residence? First of all, start making appointments with the beauty consultants in your area to perform make-up and hairstyle trials. If this is not possible, however, send detailed photographs of your make-up and hairstyle, so that they can be viewed by the Italian beauty consultant whom will do a trail before the wedding day. So, once again, look for information on the net and browse the portfolio on the websites of the Italian beauty consultants and then turn to those closest to the wedding location. At this point, you just have to agree – also through video advice – the desired services, also communicating to them the date of the happy event, in order to be able to fix all the appointments compatibly withtheothercommitments.

So Italy, with its suggestive places and breathtaking locations, is truly the ideal country to celebrate your wedding. If you can’t wait to pronounce “I Do ” in Italy, you just have to start organizing your wedding in Italy , following these simple tips.